Thursday, May 5, 2016

Unity Farm Journal - First Week of May 2016

I’ll be 54 this month and this week we delivered 54 heads of organic lettuce to Tilly and Salvy’s, the local farm stand selling Unity Farm products.  Who would have thought that my “portrait” would look like this at 54

Here’s what the fresh organic vegetabes growing at Unity Farm look like this week.

I dropped by Tilly and Salvy’s on Sunday afternoon and spoke with a customer buying our produce.    I introduced myself as the farmer and she thanked me for growing such wonderful fresh vegetables.

It’s been a wild week - I had to be in Chicago, Las Vegas and Houston from Monday-Thursday.     That left Kathy at the farm in charge of the maturing vegetables, animals at the peak of mating season (chickens, ducks, geese, and guineas are all broody), and our annual alpaca shearing.  When I agree to travel a year ahead of time, this always happens.   As a farmer, living things always come first, so travel becomes increasingly problematic (or stressful for your spouse!)

Shearing went well although it has been raining, so keeping the alpaca dry was an adventure.     Kathy called in a few friends to help.   No animals or humans were harmed in the process.

Also in my absence, a tree company removed  the “widowmakers” - trees that partially fell or branches that partially broke during the winter.    Now that the ground is drying out and mud season is over, the trucks can navigate the forest roads.    Although I do all the forest management myself, I draw the line at activities that could result in a 10 ton tree or 1 ton branch falling on me.

I’m flying back from Houston tonight after giving a commencement address at the University of Texas.

I’ve heard that the pigs miss our nightly tuck in rituals and the dogs are desparate to explore the territory that the coyotes have been visiting outside the paddocks.    It’s clear that there is a litter in the den since the female coyote is visiting the farm every day looking for food.  Thus far, her hunting activities have been unsuccessful.

I’ll spend the weekend doing all the farm work that I should have done on early mornings and evenings during the week.  The next few weeks will be a bit chaotic with my daughter’s upcoming farm wedding and move.    All is well.

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