Monday, February 5, 2018

Embracing the New, New Thing

My life has been devoted to the pursuit of innovation - attempting to embrace new ideas and new technologies before the path ahead is completely clear.   Admittedly, I have not leveraged social media to the extent I should have.

For a decade, I’ve posted blogs and for many years wrote lengthy posts every day.  In recent months, as my writing has focused on books, articles, and the new Blockchain in Healthcare Today peer reviewed journal, I’ve written fewer blog posts.

In an age where the news cycle is 24 hours (or less), I’ve found that people appreciate more frequent, shorter communications, so I’ve turned to Facebook and Twitter to write daily updates, exploring ideas as they happen.

I intend to keep the blog and post at least monthly reviews of policy, technology, and current events.   I’ll also include relevant guest posts.

As the newly appointed International Healthcare Innovation Professor at Harvard (in addition to my CIO job), I’m traveling the world, learning every day from bold thinkers.   Today I’m in Qingdao, China meeting with Haier Corporation (bought GE appliances)  to brainstorm about the future of healthcare.  

I look forward to sharing new ideas with all my colleagues past, present and future via a more robust social media presence!