Friday, March 20, 2015

Meaningful Use Stage 3 NPRMs arrive

For those who want to start reading

The ONC Certification Rule

The CMS Meaningful Use Rule

I will write an analysis this week.

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Anonymous said...

If you have any pull with the ONC and CMS powers that be, we have a HUGE problem with Stage 3 MU.
Its not simpler, or easier or aligned, its actually infinitely worse. To come out and say that its simplified is pure deception.

They call measures objectives now and then put 3 to 6 measures in most of the objectives. So there are now about 20 plus measures in Stage 3, how is that simpler? All the click boxing, numerators denominators attestation etc remains. Many of the measures are completely out of the EPs control. And the percentages are ridiculous.

Are people that tone deaf at ONC and CMS? An EP revolt has begun and its only been hardened by this rule release. I should say that I am not surprised, but wow, I am shocked how much worse Stage 3 is actually proposed. And to pile on more 2015 certification, did we not agree that certification was hampering innovation? Did we NOT say that these objectives and measures are meaningless? As a front line provider, you need to know that we are very angry and we are not going to take it anymore.

Just read the comments on Medsacpe about the release.

MU 2 killed the program and MU 3 just buried the body.