Thursday, August 29, 2013

Unity Farm Keets (Guinea Fowl chicks) Available Now

Our Guineas have been remarkably fertile this Summer and we'll have 100 babies available for purchase.   They're $4 each.

Guineas are tick eaters and will rid your yard of many undesirable insects.   You will need a coop to keep them safe from predators at night.

Our first hatching of 20 is extremely healthy and we'll have another 30 hatching this weekend.

Although chicks are shipped in general, our experience is that the process is extremely stressful for them.    Anyone wanting guineas should contact us at for New England (Sherborn, MA) pick-up.  Here are the details:

Straight Run (M/F) Hatched 8/20/2013
Pearl Gray (standard dark color)
Pearl Gray Pied (white chest)

Colors possible (Pearl Gray, Pearl Gray Pied, White, Lavender and Lavender Pied)
2nd Hatch on 9/3/2012
3rd Hatch (last for the year) on 9/18/2013
All will be well feathered by the time cold weather arrives

$4 each or 10/$30

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