Thursday, July 25, 2013

Building Unity Farm - Scenes of Summer

Unity Farm is at the peak of Summer.  Everything is in bloom, the forest is bursting with wildlife, and all our outdoor activities are in full swing as we finish creation of our growing areas before we retreat inside for 6 months of winter.   Here are a few photos with the scenes of Summer at Unity Farm.

1.  Afternoon thunderstorms pop up during the hot and humid weather.    They skies are filled with billowing clouds that dwarf the barn and paddocks.

2.  The animals cling to their barn fans, run through the sprinklers and enjoy an afternoon snack of chilled romaine lettuce to keep cool

3.   In the stream, Muskrat Susie and Muskrat Sam whirl and twirl among the reeds.  (I know the song is awful)

4.  Mom and Dad proudly walk our country lane with their new fawn

5.  Guinea fowl build nests of 20-30 eggs in the deepest part of our fern forests

6.  The Great Pyrenees enjoy playing in the shade with their new ball toy

7.  The bees are storing honey for the winter.   Here's a closeup of the queen from one of our 8 hives

8.  The orchard grass has gone to seed and needs mowing .   I maintain the orchard with a push mower and a trimmer for more delicate edge work.   Here's a view of the mowing in progress and the finished result.

9.  Ground hogs (also know as Woodchucks) nibble at the grass in the meadow.

10. Garter snakes sun themselves on the rocks in the garden

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Anonymous said...

For your six months indoors you might consider reading the following book if you have not alreay done so: "A Naturalist Buys an Old Farm" by Edwin Way Teale. I think you would enjoy the author's observations and reflections about the old farm he purchased with his wife.