Saturday, February 9, 2013

So What Does 30 Inches of Snow Look Like?

For those who have been watching news of the New England weather,  here's a personal look at what 30 inches of snow in 12 hours looks like.   We shoveled and plowed through the night to keep our lanes open.    The alpaca/llama stayed in the barn eating hay.    The dogs played in the drifts all night.   The chickens/guinea fowl slept through the entire event.     We did not lose power, but we prepared for an extended outage by moving 50 gallons of water for the animals into the garage and 50 gallons for humans into the basement.   We moved a cord of firewood to the front and back porch.    At the moment, we're done with our morning farm chores, ensuring all the animals will have a warm and dry day.

The barnyard:

The chicken coop:

The front door:


Anonymous said...

Whoa!!! You guys are amazing and obviously are in an earthy instinct groove caring for the "kids".... I grew up in Southwestern PA and remember huge snowfalls in the 60's-70's. So glad for you that there was no power loss, although there is no doubt that you would prevail!
Sharon Wentz, Corvallis OR

GreenLeaves said...

do you have any idea why American houses are built to shed snow from their roofs? In Europe the place catcher on the roof to prevent snow sliding off to increase the insulation capacity of the building.