Friday, October 19, 2012

Cool Technology of the Week

Not exactly a cool technology, but a cool product of nature.   I was walking in the apple orchard at dawn this morning and found a Giant Puffball mushroom - Calvatia Gigantea

As a mycologist, I generally get calls about humans eating mushrooms.   With this one, I'm more concerned about mushrooms eating humans!

Fungi that's bigger than a car tire.   That's cool!


Anonymous said...

Wowza! That is really cool!

So I take it that it is safe to eat?

Kevin Groff said...

I see a Man v Food challenge in your future...

John Halamka said...

Completely edible, but not incredible. Slice it thin and prepare it as you would a steak or tofu

Jim Thompson MD said...

As a fellow ED physician, I'm wondering if you ever got an answer to the most common question we ask patients about eating mushrooms (at least, it's the most common question my fellow clinicians want to know):
"Why did you eat that?"

(Obviously, I'm talking about the select group of non-mycologists who eat mushrooms and then decide to check with the ED to see if their liver is about to expire...)