Friday, October 12, 2012

Cool Technology of the Week

Last week I joined several industry experts to discuss the future of Big Data, Analytics, and Healthcare IT in general with a moderator from Intel.

Here's a preview clip on You Tube.

If you'd like to register to view the entire discussion, which will be broadcast on October 23, just click here.

What else is cool this week?
As many of my readers know, I cycle between meetings on a foldable bike.

The only challenge is that it's pricy and prone to theft.

What if you could buy an ecofriendly "disposable" bicycle for under $10?

Sound impossible?

This cardboard bicycle is an engineering miracle.   Now that functional prototypes have demonstrated the possibilities, I look forward to seeing such low cost, recyclable, and robust vehicles on the road.   At $10, it's unlikely they'll be stolen.   Maybe cities could make racks of them available for generalized use at no charge?

That's cool!

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Tobit said...

The bike is awesome, and I love the video (saw it a while back now). It frustrates me a little though - Izhar talked about it being so cheap but if you factor in his time, it is not that cheap. But to progress to manufacture at a cost of $10 - wow.