Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our Cancer Journey Week 23

Radiation Oncology planning begins June 1 and radiation treatments begin June 6.   Kathy is regaining her sensation in her fingers and toes, but she does find that a day of walking results in pain/fatigue in her lower extremities.   All of this pales in comparison to the news we received last week that she is now in complete remission.

Last Thursday,  Kathy's pathology results concluded there is no residual cancer.   Here's the report

Breast, left, lower inner quadrant, needle localized partial mastectomy :
Changes consistent with tumor bed/biopsy site.
No residual carcinoma identified.
Margins inked and evaluated.

Breast, left, lower inner quadrant, radial re-excision :
Changes consistent with tumor bed/biopsy site.
No residual carcinoma identified.
Margins inked and evaluated.

We were overjoyed and used the weekend to get our lives back on track with the day to day chores on the farm. I shoveled hundreds of pounds of debris from the compost pile, repaired doors/windows, and built a tree swing.

Kathy is again doing heavy lifting since her surgical site is healing rapidly.   She's up at 5am and working until 9pm.

The stress and anticipation in our lives is palpably different.

Now we will learn about radiation treatments, which she'll receive to significantly decrease the risk of cancer returning after surgery.  We are believe the treatments will be daily (7 days a week) for 5 weeks.   What are the side effects to the local skin?    Will the irradiated area become painful over time?  Will she feel fatigued over the course of treatment?

What started as the nightmare of diagnosis in December will become fully treated complete remission by July.

I turned 50 this week and all my birthday wishes have been granted.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and very best wishes to you both!

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Rebecca W said...

I am so happy for your family! Thank you both for being open and honest about this journey. Your wife is truly an inspiration of bravery to women everywhere!

Anonymous said...

This is such wonderful news. Your inspirational journey together is nothing short of amazing.

Now don't forget to enjoy that tree swing!

Abraham Gurivindapalli said...

Congratulations on your wife recovery..All the best and Happy Birthday

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful news!

Cynthia Saver said...

This is wonderful news for you both and a great birthday present for you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your family! What wonderful news.

Ravi Kumar said...

Happy birthday John! Life truly begins at 50! Enjoy to the fullest, both of you!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the new demographic and congratulations to you and Kathy on the wonderful remission news!
Enjoy the summer, the farm and the gift of each other.