Friday, October 21, 2011

Cool Technology of the Week

In the aftermath of the Blackberry outage last week, many people have asked me about iPhone 4S and Droid devices.   As I wrote about yesterday, I chose the iPhone 4S to achieve a consistent user experience between my phone and my Macbook Air laptop.

Many of my staff use Android-based devices and are very happy with application availability and phone performance.

I polled my staff and asked them to identify the best Droids available today.   Here's what they said:

1. Droid Charge by Samsung

2. Droid Bionic by Motorola

3. Droid Incredible 2 by HTC

Also worth mentioning is the Galaxy S II by Samsung

I welcome your comments about these 4 devices.   My 500 staff have spoken and believe these are the best Android phones on the market - that's cool!


Lauri S said...

After using a BlackBerry for several years, I switched to the Samsung Charge for the same reasons you did, John (ability to view many more file/media types). While very cool (it's basically a complete multimedia, social networking and communications device with a beautiful display in your pocket), the OS is not as polished when it comes to business needs as the BlackBerry, but the differences are fairly minor. The one exception: I really miss the real keyboard on my BlackBerry 8703e. Also, I recently installed GreenPower to manage power usage; now I get at least a full day of use on one battery charge. Overall, I am pleased with the switch to Android.

joebeone said...

Unfortunately, Android devices have a collective action problem: in contrast to the iphone, where a single company makes the OS and hardware, it takes sometimes three parties working together to push updates to android devices (Google (OS), handset maker (tweaking OS and UI) and network operator (to make updates available to customers). This is a significant problem with some phones, for which support lasts for only six months or so (the time the handset maker and wireless company are committed to selling the device to customers), instead of the typical two-year contract term. This can leave phones with significant vulnerabilities for the other 18 months!

(Of course, Apple doesn't have a particularly stellar record of updating iOS to deal with significant vulnerabilities. It is just significantly more complicated for Android devices.)

skepticals said...

The Samsung Galaxy S II is the best of the 4 you mentioned. It's probably the best Android phone available until the Galaxy Nexus is released.