Friday, June 17, 2011

Cool Technology of the Week

CIOs are expected to deliver stability, reliability and security.   Change and unpredictability make this is a very challenging proposition.

The exponential adoption of mobile devices is one of the greatest challenges for CIOs as consumer devices are connected to corporate networks and users expect to run enterprise applications in environments like iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.

At BIDMC, our web applications, distributed via the Imperva web application firewall, work just fine on these mobile devices.

However, we have little control other than policies as to how devices are configured and secured.

Good Technologies provides a suite of products that builds a secure containing for business applications while enabling personal data and applications to co-exist on consumer oriented devices.

Here's an overview of how it works.

Many fellow CIOs across industries have told me that Good provides the controls and security that enables a CIO to keep business applications secure, while allowing customers the freedom of buying and supporting their own personal devices.

A technology that offers consumers choice, while also supporting the CIO's need to protect enterprise applications.

That's cool!


Marc said...

I appreciate your article. I am an avid user of "Good" technology on both my iPhone and iPad. While I completely understand a CIO's perspective to maintain the integrity of the IT infrastructure as well as maintain the protection of patient specific data I must tell you that is severely impedes the inherent usability of the new smart technologies. It has forces me to forward html messages as it isn't supported, crashes frequently and defeats the overall integration of email, contacts and calendar all in one device. Good Technology has forced me to keep separate calendars on one device, separate email applications, not to mention not true push technology. I am curious as to your thoughts on why MS Exchange is not sufficient technology for health systems.

Marc Chasin, M.D.

Medical Quack said...

I learned something today and thanks for the update on Good technologies. Right now with the Android platform still being so young out there by comparison, I keep reading about software being removed from their store as they find malware in some of the programs written, so Good looks like a great way to keep the enterprise portion safe.

With all the hacking going on today, there's just no way everyone can be top of everything happening out there in all areas and now with the SecureID issue, maybe soft tokens might be getting a second look too. It's such a wild and wooly world out there and I think some are finally coming around to realize that maybe security should have a little priority over apps, at least for a short while until the hacking settles down and we feel we have some new or improved defenses, and they are only as good as the next hack that comes along it seems:)