Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Standards Validation for Certification

On Friday, Beth Israel Deaconess is doing its certification inspection via the CCHIT EACH program.  The inspection is divided into three major areas - interoperability. clinical functionality, and security.

To prepare for interoperability, my engineers and I have used several resources which I'll share with you.

The NIST site to validate the reportable lab and immunization formats

The NIST site to validate the CCD/C32 Clinical Summary

The Bioportal site to validate the SNOMED codes

HITSP documents that are required to get the C32 correct include C80 and C83

The IHE Site which the NIST validator often refers to.

On Friday, we'll send our HL7 2.51 formats for reportable lab, syndromic surveillance, and immunizations to CCHIT.   We'll send our CCD/C32 for clinical summaries.  We'll also send 19 PQRI-XML files for the 15 quality measures. All our files will incorporate the required LOINC, SNOMED-CT and RxNorm vocabularies.

I'll let you know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

How did the testing go. Would love to read your comments and if you can provide example for reporting labs and CQM and so on.....

Thanks for all the great info

Jenni P said...

I just saw that BIDMC is the first hospital certified in the EACH program. Great job!