Thursday, October 28, 2010

What am I, Who am I, What will I be?

In 1979, as a senior in high school, I watched the movie and TV Series "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century".

The theme song lyrics begin

What am I, Who am I, What will I be?
Where am I going and What will I see?

As a teen applying to college and about to embark on the next step toward adulthood, I deeply pondered these questions.    Today, I still do, although it's 30 years later and I've traveled through many stages of life since then.

Here's my framework for thinking about "What am I, who am I, what will I be?"

1.  My roles through the stages of life  as a son, a husband, a father, a doctor,  and a public figure of sorts.

2.  My job as CIO of provider organizations.

3.  My job as CIO of a medical school.

4.  My volunteer work as a Federal and State convener.

5.  My self, what really makes me an individual
*My outdoor activities including kayakingbikinghikingskiing,  and climbing.

*My Japanese traditions including playing the Shakuhachi,  drinking tea, burning incense,  appreciating the traditional arts,  and living a simple Asian lifestyle.

*My black clothing

*My Vegan diet

*My gardening throughout the year, appreciating every variation of the seasons in New England.

In 1979, I could never have answered the question as completely, but now I truly know what makes me an individual and who I am.

What will I be?  I hopefully have many years to find out, but being satisfied with the journey is all I can hope for.

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