Monday, October 18, 2010

The FY11 BIDMC IS Operating Plan

The Beth Israel Deaconess fiscal year is October 1 to September 30, so FY11 capital and operating budgets are now approved, enabling us to finalize the yearly IS Operating Plan.   My team and I complete it and widely communicate it every October.

Today, I've posted the FY11 BIDMC IS Operating plan including clinical systems, financial systems,  infrastructure, health information management, knowledge services, media services, academic computing, and our community sites.

Highlights include:

Achieving Meaningful Use for 1700 clinicians

Go live of our new suite of laboratory information systems, replacing 13 major applications.

Go live of MyTime - an enterprise labor time tracking solution

Numerous infrastructure upgrades to networking, storage, and security

Rollout of an electronic forms solution throughout the enterprise

Acceleration of our automated scanning project to digitize paper records we receive from outside the institution.

Retirement of all our legacy intranet sites, providing single signon access to all applications and knowledge resources

Continued rollout of streaming and video teleconferencing technologies

Advanced research administration support tools.

Meditech upgrades at our community hospital necessary to achieving meaningful use including CPOE.

The task of building better applications and more reliable infrastructure is never done, but each year we get better and better.  This year, we'll be guided by a new omnibus clinical governance committee which I'll write about later this week as part of my FY11 focus on governance at both BIDMC and Harvard Medical  School.

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Tomcat said...

The plan is wonderfully concise and clear at the same time. Especially nice is that each focus area lists a leader by name and has bulleted goals that are measurable at the end of the year.

Since your blog is public, I have passed on both the plan itself and your blog URL to my former supervisors in the computing and communications group at the university from which I retired last year.

Perhaps, the university already does something similar, but I was just unaware of it, seeing as how I was merely the sysadmin for our research computing cluster.