Friday, June 25, 2010

The final Temporary Certification Rule

In the past, I've posted bookmarked versions of the Standards IFR, the Meaningful Use NPRM, and the Certification NPRM.

The final Temporary Certification Rule has just been published.

Robin Raiford bookmarked the Federal Register version. Thanks!

Interesting points in this rule include :

*To qualify for stimulus incentives, providers must use EHRs certified by an Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ATCB).
*Organizations can apply to become ATCB's starting July 1. The rule describes the process.
*There is no restriction on the number of ATCB's.
*There is no grandfather clause for previously certified EHRs by CCHIT i.e. everyone must re-certify everything.
*CCHIT must apply to become an ATCB. I spoke with Karen Bell, the CEO of CCHIT, and they will be submitting an application.
*EHRs certified under the ATCB program will remain certified when the permanent certification program replaces the temporary certification program. HHS expects that a final rule for the permanent certification program will be issued by Fall 2010 and that the permanent program will be in place in 2012.


Michelle W said...

Thanks for the bookmarked copy, it'll make going through the thing a lot easier. Drummond Group has also reaffirmed its intention of applying.

Anonymous said...

Having tracked the CCHIT stand up with HIMSS, and later seeing this effort become another marketing "pay to play" operation, I expect to see more of the same.

Govt needs a truly objective certification organization that cannot be compromised by self interests and marketing forces of large vendors. This is too important to have this important mission compromised by corrupt power brokers.