Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Leiter Lecture

Yesterday after the HIT Standards Committee meeting, I had the honor of delivering the 2010 Leiter Lecture at the National Library of Medicine.

My topic was the grand challenges and proposed solutions as we implement healthcare information technology in support of meaningful use with a special focus on the role of Medical Librarians and Informaticians that provide knowledge services.

Here are my slides.

My grand challenges included

1. Managing Consent for data exchange
2. Engaging Patients and resolving the National Healthcare Identifier issue
3. Accelerating use of Standards, especially vocabularies
4. Aggregating Data for population health, registries, and research
5. Providing Decision Support

Here's the streaming video.


Dirk Stanley, MD, MPH said...

Awesome! In terms of patient engagement, we're preparing stuff at - Let us know if we can ever help! :)
(I honestly believe good patient engagement can even help solve the national patient identifier issues.) :)

gemstest said...

Great to see someone propose a useful role for medical librarians in the twenty first century.

Lin said...

Great lecture:

Rebecca Rachmany said...

Very impressive, well-thought out vision of how patients can have ultimate control of how their health data is used. Thank you.

Genevieve said...

The lecture was great! I really enjoyed hearing about your projects.