Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spring in New England

I grew up in California and moved to New England when I was 34. At this point, my family is committed to spending the rest of our lives here. Why?

Seasonal expectations - the renewal of Spring, the outdoor joys of Summer, the colors and harvest of Fall, and walks in the silent forests of a snowy Winter.

I've written about Fall in New England, now it's time for an ode to New England Spring. My backyard today is pictured above.

In March, the snow melts and I plant my first vegetables in Cold Frames. Trees begin to bud, spring flowers poke their heads up and snow drops appear.

In swamps and bogs, Skunk Cabbage is thermogenic and melts surrounding snow to emerge from frozen mud.

In April, cherry trees, dogwoods, pears, and wisteria (picture is an old wisteria in my backyard) explode with blossoms.

Birds nests appear, young rabbits scurry through the yard and the lengthening days enhance everyone's mood. Every Spring, I build a small pond/rock to serve as a local water source for local animals and their new offspring.

My Spring outdoor activities include mountain biking in places like Noanet Woodlands when the mud firms up, kayaking the Charles when water temperature exceeds 50F, and walking with my family around Wellesley College's Lake Waban.

Temperatures vary between the high 30's and the low 80's. It's a time of renewal. Houses get cleaned, windows get opened, and neighbors see each other for the first time in months. Porches get swept and we all prepare for the outdoor living of Summer.

Spring in New England. It's a time to celebrate.

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Anonymous said...

I shall experience spring vicariously through you. I'm in Toronto, Canada, and we just got snow a few days ago here. Sigh.