Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Halamka Family History

When I visited the Czech Republic in 2007, I found 2 pages of Halamka's in the Prague phone book. There are also a few in the Helsinki, Finland phone book.

In the United States, there are 115. How do I know? I used the How Many of Me website to get the results pictured above. The 2 John Halamka's are my father and me.

Halamka is a very uncommon name with roots in Kladno, Czech Republic.

For other Halamka's in the world, here are 3 PDFs containing all I know about my family history - gleaned from the last 6 generations.

The history on my father's (Halamka) side based on his father and his mother.

The history on my mother's side (Vanags)

A few of the dates in these documents are wrong i.e. I have a great grandfather who died before he was born, my parents wedding date is wrong etc.

Halamka's have been tinkers, tailors, soldiers, and engineers. (no spies that I know of)

To add to these histories, I met my wife Kathy A. Greene at Stanford in 1980 and we were married in 1984. The details about her are on this blog. Our daughter, Lara, was born in 1993. You can read about her on this blog

I welcome any additional info from Halamka's and Vanags' around the world!

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