Friday, April 9, 2010

Cool Technology of the Week

Continuing my theme of cool green technologies, HYmini is a handheld, universal charger/adapter device that harnesses renewable wind power / solar power to support most 5V digital devices.

Features include:
*Built-in wind powered generator to capture small scale wind power from 9mph to 40mph windspeeds. The prevailing windspeed in Boston is 12mph, but you can also attached it to your bicycle to charge while you ride.

*Optional HYmini portable miniSOLAR panels

*miniHANDCRANK generator

*Bicycle dynamo hub generator

An interesting way to harness wind/solar/bicycle motion for your cell phone, iPod, or digital camera.

The company also produces SolarBulb, a solar powered LED lamp that fastens onto conventional beverage containers and lights up automatically in the dark controlled by a built-in light sensor. It charges with 4 hours of sunlight and then provides 6 hours of continuous LED lighting.

Features include:
*Fits onto most plastic water, and soft drink bottles.

*Captures solar power efficiently with unique adjustable head design that allows you to point the solar module directly toward the sun

Innovative, consumer green technologies. That's cool!

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Bryan Krusniak said...

My web browser (Google Chrome) is informing me that the website has been found to contain and distribute malware to site visitors. Here is the link to the details.

Anybody else experiencing this problem...or have an idea about how to inform hymini to investigate?