Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Learning Management Systems

Every day in my hospital life there is a new training or a new compliance requirement. Competencies and skills need to be refreshed, certifications updated, and new ideas disseminated.

To date, we've done this in a multitude of ways

A self built training system which presents PDFs or Powerpoints followed by online questions that are scored and stored electronically for use in certification processes.

A self built survey system which can be used to gather basic information from electronic forms.

A Peoplesoft HRMS system which stores data about employees

A Residency system which tracks Resident credentials, duty hours, and immunizations.

Ideally, we simplify all our competency documentation, training, and compliance in one (or a small few systems). Some of our requirements include

Training - Safety, Clinical

Compliance - HIPAA, Conflict of Interest

HR - Evaluation/Annual Review to ensure completion of institutional requirements, orientation, license, credentials

Health - flu tracking, TB testing

To begin the process, we established a steering committee and built a guiding coalition of stakeholders to move this forward. Here's the powerpoint we presented to them today.

Our next step is to write an RFP and explore vendor options.

I'll let you know what we decide.


SR said...

Your posting reminded me of a Google blog posting a while back: http://googleenterprise.blogspot.com/2009/12/connecting-google-apps-education.html

If you ever want to hear about UK perspectives on the issues you raise, please get in touch.

The Cryer said...

Hi John,

I've been following your blog for some time now and have something to contribute to this topic.

We have struggled with many of the same issues you cite in your Powerpoint and have recently decided on a vendor for our new LMS at Vanderbilt Medical Center. We are using Mzinga publisher for the basis of our LMS and it will be replacing a number of current systems.

The migration process has been lengthy and we are just now starting to develop training tools within the new system; however, things look very promising.

Good luck with your search and let us know what you decide!

Unknown said...

Remembering that Opnet was one of your Cool Technologies of the Week a number of months back, I would add application performance requirements to your project. Getting the right applications features often overshadows how the application will perform. We are dealing with delivering large content types (VOD, etc.) within our current LMS and need to now add CDN type capabilities to get the content closer to remote sites (WAN connected).

Uday said...

We implemented Healthstream LMS to train our users as part of our EMR implementation. We also use Healthstream for Annual Competencies and Mandatories. We developed an inbound and outbound interface to our Peoplesoft HRMS for employee complaince traking and reporting. We would be happy to offer assistance on your project.

Cloak said...

Hi John,

I am a Project Manager at Dana-Farber/Partners and recently implemented a Talent Management System at DFCI. We spent 6 months doing vendor selections. I would love to share some of our knowledge with you and BIDMC.
I can be reached at amooraj@partners.org.

Abbas Mooraj

ben said...

Have you considered using open source platforms like Drupal or Moodle or combination thereof?

This Guy said...

You should definitely look at all options. At Allina Health Systems, we went with the best of breed approach; choosing Saba to partner with our other HRIT Technologies (Peoplesoft and Authoria). When resourced appropriately Saba can be an extremely powerful tool that helps you manage certifications, compliance and EMR training (see JCAHO). Let me know if I can help you answer any questions and good luck.