Friday, December 4, 2009

Cool Technology of the Week

In June, I bought a Strida folding bike and change my commute pattern so that I park outside of town and cycle to all my meetings.

Now that the days are shorter, I'm cycling in twilight and I needed a set of lights for visibility. I chose the Knog Frog Lights from Australia.

These lights are water-resistant, weigh 12 grams, burn for 160 hours on 2 coin cells, and have a flexible silicon body with an integrated clipping/quick-release mounting. The 10,000 millicandela LED is visible up to 600 meters. I purchased a white light for my handlebars and a red light for my seatpost. I push on the silicon housing and set them to flashing mode at dusk.

They've been a great addition to my Strida and keep me safe in Boston traffic.

2 bike lights burning for 160 hours that weigh under an ounce. That's cool!

1 comment:

W C Hitt said...

John, Those are some nice lights. I have a similar model and find it convenient. I should put myself in a position to use it more often.