Friday, October 16, 2009

Cool Technology of the Week

Keyboards can be a major vector for infection.

Imagine that "typhoid Mary" types on on keyboard then walks away.

Imagine that an H1N1 carrier coughs on a keyboard and you are the next to use it.

My cool technology of the week is a self disinfecting keyboard from Vioguard.

How does it work?

Using high power germicidal UV C light at a 254nm wavelength, it disinfects the keyboard after each use, killing bacteria and H1N1.

It's expensive - about $899 - but certainly could be an important part of hospital infection control.

My own experience is that membrane covered keyboards which can be wiped with sterilizing cleaners are hard to use and messy to disinfect.

A regular keyboard with self disinfecting features that is easy to use and simple to maintain.

That's cool!


Unknown said...

Is this in the market now??

John Halamka said...

Per the news release "Priced at $899 US, it is currently available in Canada through For additional sales information call toll free at 866-910-0471 or email"

Robert Hurst said...

Nice concept... if only it could "disinfect" the computer's operating system as well. And at that price, the keys should be backlit as well -- could it be possible that the UV-C rays be part of that illumination, thus disinfecting the hands as well?

Matt Baretich said...

I'd have to see some evidence that this device works. The company web site does not provide any test data regarding its effectiveness. It does provide one reference (a section of a book published in 2000) that appears to address irradiation of air, not surfaces. The company web site also says that this device is for "investigational use only," whatever that means in this context.