Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Future of Personal Genomics

I recently participated in an panel discussion at Bio-IT World on the future of personal genomics.

As one of the PGP-10, I'm a passionate supporter of full genome sequencing as a means to empower patients to work with their clinicians in formulating a plan for lifelong wellness.

You'll find my personal comments in this webcast.

Within the next year, the $1000 per person genome will be a reality. Our next challenge will not be the science but the need for robust patient decision support tools which translate base pair variation into probabilities for pathology. Further, we'll need to provide the educational materials which will enable patients to turn these probabilities into informed decisions about proactive lifestyle changes and therapies.

I hope you enjoy the hour long discussion from Bio-IT world from folks who are actively working on Personal Genomics science, policy, and education.


Phillip Griffith said...

And the insurance companies?

Lukas Zawilski said...


23andMe already offer a personal genome service for $399. I'm just about to have a go at that - should be interesting.

Unknown said...

very interesting..
personal genomics and pscyhology.

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