Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Wellesley Recycling Mystery

I've written about the Wellesley Recycling and Disposal facility where we recycle nearly 90% of our solid waste as a community.

Each week when I visit the RDF to sort my recycling, I find a 25 foot mass of thin tissue paper in the mixed paper area. It's a mountain of paper and a new supply shows up every week. It's been perplexing.

Could there be a manufacturing plant in Wellesley that uses tissue for packing and shipping? Could this be the by product of some cleaning operation?

I just could not figure it out, so I asked.

The great folks at the Wellesley RDF gave me tour of the paper and cardboard area, pointing out a large number of empty Captain Crunch cereal boxes in the cardboard section.

How could I relate a mountain of paper and Captain Crunch cereal boxes to solve this mystery?

Then, it dawned on me - the Blue Man Group recycles in Wellesley.

For those who have not been to been a Blue Man Group performance, it involves large quantities of twinkies, marshmallows, and Captain Crunch cereal. The finale involves filling the theater and audience by unwinding rolls of tissue paper.

It's great to know that all that paper is recycled and reused. Who would have known that the Blue Men spend their Saturdays recycling!

Mystery solved.


AK said...

Ha! What a great story!

Mike Craycraft said...

Now if you can get the Blueman Group to not waste the tissue paper. Great investigation though.

Michael Warden said...

Dugg this because it was too funny not to share!