Friday, August 1, 2008

Cool Technology of the Week

A GPS is a great tool to identify your location or for Geocaching, but most modern GPS devices are not easy to use to track where you've been so you can keep a record of your travels and easily repeat past routes.

The Trackstick II receives signals from twenty four satellites orbiting the earth. With this information, the Trackstick II can precisely calculate its own position anywhere on the planet to within fifteen meters. It records its own location, time, date, speed, heading and altitude at preset intervals. Your exact location and the route traveled can be viewed and played back directly within Google™ Earth. There are no monthly fees.

Applications include
* Employee and vehicle monitoring
* Mileage recording and verification
* Public Safety
* Law Enforcement
* Homeland Security
* Keeping a record of personal outdoor travel
* Keeping a record of trips as tourist
* Child / Family Safety

It's powered by 2 AAA batteries and connects to a computer via USB 2.0 for uploading to Google Earth.

A self contained GPS with automated travel recording that interfaces to Google Earth. That's cool!

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