Friday, May 16, 2008

Cool Technology of the Week

How many times have you been wandering through an airport, a hotel lobby, or conference room and wondered if wireless was available? You boot your computer, scan for networks, try to connect and after a bit of trial and error, you conclude that the signal is too weak to sustain a connection.

The cool technology of the week, is the Wi-Fi Shirt from

This shirt includes an embedded wi-fi receiver, miniature battery pack and a detachable illuminated display that shows wi-fi strength in real time.

This is clearly the must have fashion for network engineers and frequent fliers.

As to the claims on the website that it will attract the opposite sex in wireless cafes, I'm dubious. As a happily married man, I do not think about such things. And besides, my pickup lines such as "I'm a Harvard faculty member and CIO" would never impress the cafe crowd.


Mark Turuk said...

A bit too geeky for me... (says the guy that bought a new electronic ink book last week). ;)



Sircellan said...

How do you get this shirt through airport security?

John Halamka said...

To get through airport security, I recommend leaving this shirt in your carry on bag, then changing once you're through the metal detector!

Unknown said...

I'm sure you'll be featuring the flexible OLED screen soon that you will plug into your USB port while wearing your Wi-fi shirt!

Doug Cornelius said...

Don't forget about this incident with flashing light t-shirts at the airport.

Medical Quack said...

The wireless wearables get stranger every week, just added a post today about wireless underwear and Philips has applied for a patent on the technology to be able to read your vitals!