Friday, May 9, 2008

Cool Technology of the Week

Today is my 150th blog entry since I started Life as a Healthcare CIO in October of 2007. Over the past 7 months, I've become a real fan of social networking technologies and have been an active participant in Blogger, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, various Wikis, and countless Webex collaborations. I'm a champion of any technology which democratizes the communication process, turning anyone into an author, publisher or broadcaster. One such technology is Social Networking Radio from

The concept is simple. Using a simple phone line and an internet connection, anyone can broadcast their own internet radio program worldwide. You create an account, establish a broadcast schedule, invite guests and the public to participate, and you're broadcasting. Shows are streamed live and available after the broadcast as Podcasts/MP3 downloads.

I recently participated in a 90 minute live Talk Show with Dr. Anonymous on Blog Talk Radio to discuss electronic health records, life as a CIO, and my experience as a doctor.

It's easy to use and free.

Social networking meets internet broadcasting, turning anyone into a DJ or anchorperson. That's Cool.


Glen said...

One of the difficulties with social networking by adults is the blurring of the lines between personal and business uses. Many such sites allow setting-up various classes of friends & associates, and private versus public posts, to help keep one's more private interests from being gossip at the office water cooler. I would recommend steering-clear of sites that do not offer good privacy protections.

Another difficulty is conservative content filtering by businesses. For example, beneficial business uses for BlogTalkRadio or YouTube are thwarted when they are filtered-out.

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