Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thursday Unity Farm Journal - Second Week of November 2016

Yesterday in Massachusetts all my colleagues were fatigued from a long night of watching election results.  

Everyone was asking about the impact of the surprising outcome.   What will happen to the economy, the stock market, mood, culture, and domestic tranquility?

The questions we asked at Unity Farm were basic -  should the election change our thinking about enhancing the farm and sanctuary?  Will we be able to continue to fund the programs we’ve put in place?   Should we continue to focus our efforts in the United States?

Our answer after speaking with career government employees, who will be serving the next administration, is to stay the course.

Continuing our mission of producing food, rescuing animals, and educating the public about sustainable agriculture is more important than ever.   All of our plans and programs will move forward with enthusiasm.    The relationship we have with our land, our community and our animals are stronger than any political event.   We may focus more locally than on Washington DC over the next few years, but we believe we can make a difference.

Here’s what Kathy wrote on her Facebook page:

"My plans and dreams have not changed. I will not change the core of who I am. Here is where I will make my stand. I will not run, I will provide sanctuary and make that fight the important one. We have so clearly failed those that felt they needed such deep changes, we need to unite our world through the lifting of despair and feelings of unfairness or uselessness and fear. Leaving is not an answer, truly the grass is not greener elsewhere. Hating is not the answer, it will lead nowhere we truly want to go. Drowning out deep feelings with crutches like alcohol, mass entertainment, or drugs that blunt the emotions won’t solve the problems. Let us not fail the vulnerable - shelter them, speak for them. Stand, stay and fight for what you believe in even if it is hard. Courage; the efforts toward peace and unity are not the easy road."

What does life on the farm look like this time of year?

Here’s what the sunrise looked like on the morning after the election

Here’s what the coop opening looked like as the chickens and guinea fowl began their day.

Here’s what the paddocks looked like as the Fall leaves continued to fade.

This weekend, we’ll be racking cider, continuing our winter preparations and serving as a filming location for a TV show.   You never know what each day on the farm will bring.

Be well.


Anonymous said...

Love trumps hate. Focus on the positive. Thank you for the balance and perspective your comments provide.

pjonwhite said...

Thanks John. As an aside, you should let Kathy guest post more of the Unity Farm Journal pieces. Had I known she was such a nice writer I would have invited her to more Standards Committee meetings!

In My Little Room said...

Thank you, John. Kathy's post was one of the most inspiring things I've read in the past 48 hours. I read it to my wife this morning and after that said, "I refuse to be angry with the people who voted this man into office. They are feeling a pain we do not feel. It is our job to work at understanding their point of view, and helping to close the divide in our nation". I always enjoy your posts, whether for the farm or health it. But I agree with the other commenter that Kathy is a wonderful, additional voice for your readers.