Thursday, March 24, 2016

Unity Farm Journal - Fourth Week of March 2016

I’ve returned from China and re-established my daily routine on the farm.  In my absence Kathy kept the animals safe and warm.   She watered and nurtured all the indoor and outdoor crops.   She served as point of contact for all the people in our lives.  She's remarkable.

All is perfect on the farm and it’s as if I never left.

Here’s what the hoop house beds look like as of the last week of March.

We had one last winter storm this week with 4 inches of wet sticky snow.   It melted quickly and the weather cleared with brilliant red sky at night.

Now that spring is here we’re completing those projects that require dry, thawed ground - building our summer pig paddock, putting up the blueberry netting, repairing fences, and pounding the poles for the hops trellis.  

The creatures on the farm are glad that all the humans have returned.   The pigs are getting the belly rubs, the dogs are getting their runs, and alpaca are getting their chopped alfalfa/molasses breakfast.

Soon the Shiitake mushrooms will begin to fruit and we’ll bottle the cider which has mellowed over the winter.  

I look forward to a bit less travel and a bountiful Spring in the months ahead.

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