Thursday, August 20, 2015

Unity Farm Journal - Third Week of August 2016

As I’ve mentioned before, farmers really do not take vacations.    Life on the farm is a vacation.    Compared to the stresses and anxieties of the real time connected world, hauling hay, cleaning barnyards, and growing vegetables is meditation.

During August, my “summer vacation” has consisted of working remotely Mondays and Fridays, giving me 4 day weekends on the farm.   The hoop house is now done, fully wired with a 20 amp circuit for power/light, and stocked with our farm equipment.    The workflow in the barnyard is substantially improved by having all the tools and machinery in close proximity.   Our barns and outbuildings now have more room for animal care and food storage.   Our re-engineering efforts have been successful.

As the summer winds down, my list of undone projects is shrinking.    The late summer vegetables - tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and squash - are all nearly harvested.   Early fall plantings of lettuces are done.

All our vegetables are fully organic and the lack of pesticides/herbicides means that natural predators such as garden spiders, thrive in our hoop house.   Here’s a photo of “Charlotte” and her eggs

Next weekend, I’m continuing to prepare the farm for winter, replacing a barn door, staining/painting aging wood, and repairing gates.

There may still be a project or two I can sneak in before the weather gets cold.   How many times have you asked yourself - how do I build a 12 foot octagonal tree house 10 feet off the ground in a 50 foot oak tree….

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