Friday, June 22, 2012

Cool Technology of the Week

Traffic in Massachusetts can be challenging.   Our farm is 16 miles from Beth Israel Deaconess, which means that my commute ranges from half an hour to 2 hours.

The Google Map screen shot above illustrates the issue, showing how current traffic can extend the commute to from 35 minutes to over an a hour.

Red Sox games, college move ins, and inclement weather can truly disrupt the cadence of a day.

What do I use to adjust my commute in real time?   Toyota Entune, a free iPhone app for Toyota owners.

As a Prius driver since 2005, I log over 30,000 miles a year in hybrid vehicles visiting all the BIDMC affiliates throughout Eastern Massachusetts.    In early 2012, I purchased a Prius V which serves as a kind of hybrid truck for my day job and my farm duties.

Toyota Entune provides real time traffic speeds (as well as many other interactive features).   I simply connect my iPhone 4S to the Prius V via USB and immediately the car integrates real time traffic flow data into the navigation system via my data plan.

Entune can automatically reroute while you're driving based on optimal commute times, fuel efficiency or distance.   Each day I avoid road construction, accidents and even Red Sox home games (which are shown in detail on the Entune connected Prius Nav System).   The end result is that I save an hour a day and my commute with Entune from the farm is even faster that my old commute to Wellesley.

Real time optimized navigation via an iPhone app connected to your car's navigation system.  That's cool!

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Suleman Bhana, MD said...

This is pretty much what the new maps application in iOS6 will offer to every iPhone owner (iPhone 4 and 4S). Turn by turn navigation with crowdsourced real time traffic info and automatic re-routing.