Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our Cancer Journey Week 15

Kathy can no longer feel her hands and feet.   The good, good, good days have become challenging days.    Kathy would normally push through it, but her oncologist advised us that being stoic increases the risk of permanent nerve damage.

Based on the advice of her care team, Kathy is taking a break from chemotherapy this week to enable her body to recover.

She's also taking Vitamin B6 (100mg daily) based on anecdotal evidence that B6 reduces numbness and tingling in patients receiving Taxol.

Together, we continue to pack up our house for the April 27th move to our farm.   We make a great team with Kathy doing logistics/operations planning and with me doing heavy lifting.    It's quite a "spa treatment" - I've lost 6 pounds in the past few weeks and gained significant upper body strength.   However, I do not recommend moving as a long term fitness strategy since the mental cost of displacing your entire household is high.

Although our move is proceeding on schedule, the sale of our existing home is on hold.  The bidders negotiated the final price and paid a $1000 deposit.   Our final contract was to be signed on March 26.   On March 23 they notified us that they were bidding on two houses and elected to forfeit their deposit.   Our house goes on the market today and our first open house is Sunday.   Hopefully we'll have a quick sale since the process of keeping a house in perfect showing condition is anxiety provoking.

Thus no chemotherapy, B6, a focus on moving to our farm and a wrap up of 16 years in our existing home is the plan for this week.   We remain optimistic, energetic, and ready for whatever the future will bring.


skoba said...

Cryotherapy could improve hand and foot feeling in some cases, soak hand in ice-box and warm water consequently and repeatedly again and again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you and Kathy for sharing Kathy's journey. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in February and because we live in different regions of the country, I'm not able to see her that often. It's helpful to read about Kathy's journey as it helps me understand what my mother is going through and will go through. I hope your daughter is doing alright through this. Sending good thoughts your way.

Will Snow said...

John, best of luck on the moving thing - I've done it a few more times than you, and it's worse than you could ever plan for. It's either physically or mentally disruptive, or worse, both. Send my best to Kathy - I hope the feeling returns soon. I never heard of the B6, but then again, my mom was taking so many things it certainly may have been in the mix. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Mayuri said...

My prayers and thoughts are with you and Kathy. I have been reading about the cancer journey every week and my heart aches for Kathy, I know with your support she will heal. Congratulations on the house, I recently moved and feel your pain and it's a perfect time to downsize and donate things. It's a two-sided coin, on one side it's so exciting to buy a house but the flip side of selling your house and packing it up is a huge effort. I was told that stretching every 30 minutes helps avoid pulling your muscle. Good luck and in a couple of weeks all of this will be your past!

Harriet of RCHI said...

I have been lurking for the past two months, for research. I can't help but drop in a few words.

You meet a lot of cancer victims in the insurance business.

There are a few like who manage to keep things in a rational perspective. Love your work here.

Harriet of RCHI said...

And best of luck moving.

Anonymous said...

Some diabetics use Evening Primrose Oil to help with the tingling/pain in extremities due to diabetic neuropathy. You can always look into it further to evaluate evidence of benefits or contraindications.

Dr. James J. Gillespie said...


We enjoyed your recent visit to Chicago and talk to the Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council and its CMO/CIO roundtable. Great stuff.

I hope your move goes well. I live on a farm too, so I know the joys of having that everyday get away.

You and Kathy are in our thought and prayers. Thank you for sharing the details of this journey with us. It provides insights and encouragement for all of us who have to deal with the scourge of cancer.

gemstest said...


I don't comment on your remarkable blog very often. But I do now to send you and Kathy best wishes.