Friday, January 20, 2012

Cool Technology of the Week

With Kodak's bankruptcy filing and Polaroid's bankruptcy/decline, is the stand-alone camera a thing of the past?

At the Consumer Electronics Show this year, one camera product received a lot of press - a 360 degree digital imager from Tamaggo.   Taking an image with Tamaggo gives shows the environment you're in and the perspective you have at the moment.   I can visualize some amazing nature photography.  Imagine the 360 view from Dark Shadows one of my favorite rock climbs in Red Rocks, Nevada.

Here's a YouTube overview of the product.

A portable 360 degree digital imager for consumers - that's cool!


Jim Thompson MD said...

There have always been two types of cameras: the one you have with you all the time, and the one you use for special stuff. Smartphone cameras will displace the first, but never the second. Those specialty cameras will always be too far ahead of the curve.
If you like nature stuff, check out some of the gigapan images. Basically mosaics of telephoto images so that the wide view looks like a regular scene but you can zoom in on a specific flower that in the wide view looks a mile away.

Anonymous said...

John. Download a little known app called "Photosynth" from Microsoft in the Apple App Store. One of the only official Microsoft apps for the iPhone.

It will take a 360 photo as you move your phone around and stitch them together... it was quite amazing and accurate when I used it to get a perspective of the rotunda in the U.S. Capitol.