Friday, December 30, 2011

Cool Technology of the Week

This week's post is not about a specific company's technology, but about a concept.

My wife did something very cool for me for Christmas.

Given that 2011 was filled with Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Tornados, Floods, and Fires around the world, she decided to create something that would make us more prepared for whatever the future may bring.

She created a disaster pack for the front hall closet using a Black Diamond Speed 30 mountaineering pack as a "grab and go" answer to any disaster that strikes.   It contains 72 hours of food/water, basic medical supplies. a solar powered radio, tools that can be used to harvest wood/start a fire, and extra clothes.

From the point disaster strikes to the point we're in a car with our supplies driving away could be under 60 seconds.

Think about the time it would take to assemble food/water, clothing, and medical gear after disaster strikes - 15 minutes?  Half an hour?

I highly recommend a "grab and go" pack as part of your family disaster preparedness plans.   Thanks Kathy for building one for us - that's cool!


Anne Castro said...

Hello John, First I want to say that I am praying for your wifes fast and full recovery. I will be following your posts and will be thinking of your family and thankful for your sharing. Secondly, you should take the disaster bag with you on road trips too, you never know what can happen on New England roads. A wonderful gift for the family.

Lumpy said...

Throw in two .357 and a few extra boxes of ammo. Never can be too safe in a disaster. And a water purifier.

Rob said...


That is cool. We have similar preparedness on our boat but we call it a "ditch bag" in the event of a disaster. On the front of the bag in a clear moisture resistent pocket is a checklist of steps to take for things that are not in the ditch bag. Happy new year.

jacob poon said...

Hi John, Kathy is a gift from God to your family & us.
Her disaster bag means how much she care for you & her love has no end. Praise God for her selflessness.
I was told once when family strand together fighting
cancer is the best assurance in overcome all illness.
we had been & will be trusting our Lord who is faithful
& gracious to you.
May the Peace of God rule your mind & the Love of
Christ fill your heart.