Friday, September 23, 2011

Cool Technology of the Week

I've written that Accountable Care Organizations will require increasing amounts of health information exchange and analytics/business intelligence in order to be successful.

As we explore various tools and techniques, I've talked to people in industries outside of healthcare.

Palantir Technologies provides tools for analyzing, integrating, and visualizing data of all kinds, including structured, unstructured, relational, temporal, and geospatial.   It has traditionally has focused on government, providing such functions as

Regulation and Oversight
Cyber Security

and financial data exploration/visualization for analysts and traders.

Here's a cool example of its use to analyze subprime mortgages.

Here's another example of its use with the Medicare cost data sets.

Edward Tufte  has emphasized the need for creative visualizations to turn data into information, knowledge and wisdom.

Palantir's histogram and mapping tools do that nicely.

A business intelligence application that assembles disparate data sources and presents unique visualizations that empower analytic exploration.   That's cool!


P. M. Hollott said...

Hi John,

Dave Kellogg had an interesting take on Palantir a few months back. I work in systems integration, so I was particularly struck by this question:

>>> Is Palantir an enterprise software company with no sales, marketing, or services (as they would like to believe) or are they the first SI to figure out how to build a world-class software business as most SI’s aspire?

As you say, that would be kinda cool.


Andrew said...

I completely agree. I was fortunate to have a detailed briefing on Palantir around 18 months ago. I was amazed by the capabilities and immediately enamored. I just have not found anyone willing to try it, yet.