Friday, August 26, 2011

Cool Technology of the Week

I've written about strong identity management and the use of biometrics for secure applications such as prescribing controlled substances.

Bio-key, a web-based biometric provider we have used at BIDMC, has now developed an iPhone and iPad finger print reader that does identity verification in the cloud.

Although I've argued with the FDA that SMS messages sent to clinician cell phones should be enough for 2 factor authentication, their response has been that doctors cannot use Blackberry's, they must use Barackberry's - fully encrypted highly secure devices when writing e-prescriptions.

Bio-key's approach to two factor authentication on iPhones and iPads will enable a new level of functionality and productivity for clinicians who want to use these consumer platforms for healthcare applications.   Today, over 1000 physicians at BIDMC use iPads and they are becoming the mobile device of choice for clinicians.

A cloud-based biometric authentication system for iPhones and iPads.  That's cool!

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