Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Could Have Had a V8

For the past 10 years, I've kayaked the Charles River several times a week between April and October.   Rather than owning a kayak, I've purchased a season pass from Charles River Canoe and Kayak.

This year, I found a kayak with the ideal combination of speed, size, weight, stability, and workmanship - the Epic V8 Surfski (pictured above).

In the past, I've considered products from KayakPro, Think, and Epic  kayaks such as the V10.

Each was lacking something.   The Epic V8 has it all.

*It's fast, enabling me to maintain a 6 mph pace
*It fits in my 19 foot garage, while most other surfskis are longer than 20 feet
*It weighs 30 pounds, so I can easily take it on and off the car myself
*It's stable in rough, windy conditions, even when speeding bass fishermen create 3 foot wakes
*It's a high quality boat with excellent engineering and  kevlar/carbon materials at a reasonable price

It's taken a decade of waiting for this perfect design, but I've finally purchased my own kayak.  Now I'll never need to make the statement, "I could have had a V8".

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Shakabrah said...

Now this is cheating, for no way will you be able to receive the benefit of proprioceptive feedback training as you would on a V12 or even a V10 Sport? With your kind of water, even mastering the K-1 should be a piece of cake?