Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The HIT Standards Committee Device Hearing

Yesterday, the Clinical Operations Workgroup of the HIT Standards Committee held an all day hearing to identify barriers and enablers for device interoperability including those used in clinical settings and the home.  

Here are the questions we asked.

We started with a Patient/Consumer Panel
Rob Havasy, Partners Center for Connected Health
Courtney Rees Lyles, MD, Group Health Cooperative
Robert Jarrin, co-chair Continua Health Alliance

We then continued with a Provider Panel
Julian Goldman, MD, Partners Healthcare
Scott Evans, Intermountain Healthcare
Jo Carol Hiatt, MD, Kaiser Permanente
Sara Toscano, RN, BSN, Clinical Informatics Coordinator & Coordinator for IntelliVue Clinical Information Portfolio, VA Maryland Healthcares System, Veterans Health Administration

We then reviewed the current work on interoperability and data integration standards
Dale Wiggins, Chief Technology Officer, Philips Healthcare
Charles Jaffe, HL7
Elliot B. Sloane, PhD, Drexel University, IHE
Charles Parisot, GE Healthcare IT
John Garguilo, NIST

We reviewed the issues of Data Accuracy & Integrity
Tim Escher, Epic
John Zaleski, PhD, CPHIMS, Chief Technology Officer, Nuvon
Marlene Haddad, Office of Health Informatics Management, Veterans Health Administration
Karen Thomas, Advanced TeleHealth Solutions

We next heard from exports on Device Security
Patrick Heim, Kaiser Permanente, Healthcare Security Alliance
Todd Cooper, 80001 Experts, LLC
David Fisher, Medical and Imaging Technology Alliance

We had an important discussion of Unique Device Identification
Jay Crowley, Food and Drug Administration, HHS
Betsy Humphreys, National Library of Medicine
James P. Keller, Jr., ECRI  Institute
Elliot B. Sloane, PhD, Drexel University, IHE
Michael Howells, Bosch Healthcare

A great day with many thoughtful presentations.    I'll review the major themes tomorrow when I wrote about the March HIT Standards Committee meeting.

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