Friday, December 17, 2010

Cool Technology of the Week

In my continuing series on living green and low impact, this week's post is not really about a technology, but about a concept - living small in a house on wheels.

Call this the anti-McMansion, the opposite of living large.

These small houses require innovative use of construction materials, architecture, and three dimensional thinking.   Because of their on wheels construction, they bypass many zoning and permitting restrictions.

Their cost is low, their use of resources modest, and their footprint on real estate and the planet is small.

A home built with advanced materials that includes a kitchen, great room, bathroom/shower, and bedroom - all under 100 square feet.    That's cool.

One other cool item to share this week - a great YouTube Video on healthcare data visualization.

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jackie said...

here are some theoretically zero-energy homes... apparently the price point is pretty high, though.