Friday, August 6, 2010

Into the Wild 2010

For 10 days every August, my family and I travel to an isolated canyon filled with aspen, pine, and wildflowers just north of Mono Lake in the Eastern Sierra.

This year, we'll hike, explore old mines, harvest sage, and study the complex ecosystem of the Mono Basin.

I'll also do a solo hike along 50 miles of the John Muir trail from Mammoth to Yosemite Valley.

From August 6-16, I'll have episodic web connectivity, so I will not be blogging.

By 6pm tonight, I'll be into the wild!

1 comment:

geekgoalie said...

Enjoy. I am about to leave for a week in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and will leave the computer at home. A week without a computer does my soul good.