Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Do it Yourself Presentation on the Meaningful Use Final Rule

Just as I did in January with the Meaningful Use NPRM, I've prepared a presentation that you can use for your Board and stakeholders to review the requirements the final Meaningful Use Rule. Feel free to use it without attribution to me.

This should save thousands of hours since everyone will be preparing the same material. Download it here.

Here's how I've organized it:

I've listed the Core Set 15 projects and their metrics for achieving stimulus funding followed by the 10 Menu Set projects, of which 5 must be chosen by eligible providers and hospitals.

Please let me know if I can clarify or add to this presentation to make it more useful for you.


Anonymous said...

Really helpful-- thanks!

Unknown said...

Thanks John. What would we do without your blog. Reading 864 and 228 pages!!!!!

e-Patient Dave said...

Same here - this is terrific. Saved ME thousands of hours.:)

Sasha said...

Bless your heart, Dr Halamka. Just what I needed! Thank you very much.

e-Patient Dave said...

Electronic copies within 3 and 4 *business* days: Huh, lots of people have been saying 72 and 96 hours. Thanks!

(Others: the full text defines business days, and it's hourly: a request at 2pm Monday must be filled by 2pm Thursday, etc.)

cbmd4u said...

John Halamka for President,

You know how to take this government misery and make it
Hope they follow through better than the eRxing mess.

Between you and Dr First we could
have a lot of happy patients and

Chris Bickford MD
La Jolla CA

Busybee said...

Thanks John. Very helpful.

Amazingdrz said...

Thanks for the summary. While the criteria are less burdensome, they remain too complex. I doubt this "incentive" for EMR adoption will work. 44K is not enough.

Steven King said...

Excellent, thanks!

Business Phone Service said...

Helpful post John. Keep up the good work in this arena. We need it!

Anonymous said...

Can I assume that the measures relate to Medicare and Medicaid patients only, rather than ALL patients? And can I assume that they will be reported separately, thus for example, 50% of the Medicare patients seen by Dr. Amazing who request them must receive copies of their EHRs within 3 business days?

e-Patient Dave said...

Anon 10:23,

I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but my impression is:

The *incentive* is in the form of higher government payments;

but the *measure* is whether the provider is actually using the system in a meaningful way - and not just for government-covered patients.

The whole idea is to "incent" providers to use EHRs in these meaningful ways.

(Okay, someone, pile on and say "yeah" or "No, you bozo"!)