Friday, February 12, 2010

Cool Technology of the Week

Do you have an iPhone? Do you live in a place that has 4 seasons?

Using a capacitance-based touch screen with gloves just doesn't work.

Do you have large fingers and find typing on the iPhone to be a problematic experience?

Both problems are solved by a capacitance friendly stylus from Ten One Design.

This device uses proprietary materials to emulate the touch of finger and works on all Apple iPhones. You'll find that a pencil or paperclip will not provide the same capacitance characteristics and does not work with Apple touch screens

Making your iPhone work with accuracy while wearing gloves, having long nails or large fingers - that's cool!


Anonymous said...

or you can use sausages :)

Andreas Haukås said...

i-happy much?
This really isnt "tech" - for that you can look to things like WebOS, engadget, ect. Gloves with capacitive fingertips have been around for years. Besides - Steve Jobs stated that the stylus was a "thing of the past"...

Man - the whole world is having the wool pulled over their eyes by Steve Jobs. (btw - iPad was the most underwhelming device release in the past 5 years)

Keith W. Boone said...

I got my wife special gloves for her birthday that had capacitive finger pads.