Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Do it Yourself Board Presentation on Meaningful Use

Just as I did with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, I've prepared a presentation that you can use for your Board and stakeholders to review the requirements of the Interim Final Rule and Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. Feel free to use it without attribution to me.

This should save thousands of hours since everyone will be preparing the same material. Download it here.

Here's how I've organized it:

In the Interim Final Rule section, I list the standards for Stage 1 (2011) followed by a comma and then I list the standards for Stage 2 (2013)

In the Meaningful Use section, I've listed 25 projects and their metrics for achieving stimulus funding.

Please let me know if I can clarify or add to this presentation to make it more useful for you.


Susannah Fox said...

Thanks, John, this is a service to the field.

Another much-appreciated filter on "meaningful use" was posted by Ted Eytan:

Proposed CMS Rule for EHR Incentives (from a patient access perspective)

I'd love to hear about others.

Tod Loofbourrow said...


This is a great service for you to provide to the thousands of organizations working to incorporate meaningful use standards into their products and services. You will help impact the drive towards electronic medical care which is so central to better care. Thanks.

cora said...

Thank you Dr. Halamka, for posting this and getting it out so quickly.

Unknown said...

Thanks, John, first for organizing this data and presenting it, then for being so gracious as to share it.

Deborah said...

Thank you for providing, and sharing, your concise overview of the Meaningful Use requirements.

Abhi said...

Thanks John. Very useful presentation.

How are EHRs supposed to submit electronic claims? Is ONC assuming EHRs to be integrated with billing systems or is this ONC's way to block small EHRs that don't have integrated practice management and billing?