Friday, November 20, 2009

Cool Technology of the Week

We've all used Google products - Search, Gmail, Blogger, You Tube, Docs, and Analytics. Along the way, we've provided information about ourselves - our preferences, our searches, and our customizations.

Google has created a dashboard that serves as a "disclosure log" of everything they know about each user.

To access it, go to Google Dashboard

It's fascinating to see the accumulated data. Google does have strong policies to provide the Google Personal Health Record (Google Health). Any information related to that product is not mined, resold, distributed or used for advertising in any way.

With the Dashboard, I can better understand the data Google gathers about me and be a better informed user.

A dashboard that consolidates all information about my use of Google products - that's cool.


GreenLeaves said...

Some of Google's other Beta systems that I thought were practical or interesting.

Google Voice offers additional convenience of having a primary contact phone number that will ring to any phone(s) you designate, take messages which you can listen to while on line and send your a text transcript to your mobile device.

Google Wave is a really interesting real-time collaboration/social networking/email combination. Well worth watching the Youtube presentation they have.

Lisa Stansbury said...

Love google! Another cool gadget for John - it's like google alerts for social media.

Just ran a search and John Halamka has a 12% reach with a 38% passion level...;-} 80 mentions total in the blogosphere!