Wednesday, September 9, 2009

HITSP's Next Priorities

Today I led a HITSP Board meeting and we discussed the work being done in collaboration with the HIT Standards Committee. On September 15, the HIT Standards Committee and its workgroups will release the finished 3 matrices documenting the chosen standards for Clinical Operations, Clinical Quality and Security/Privacy including certification criteria and implementation guidance.

There are very few standards gaps for 2011, but there is work ahead for 2013 and 2015 standards, including ensuring all the necessary content standards and vocabularies are ready for ordering labs, reporting summary quality measures, and representing consumer preferences for care and consent.

The HITSP work ahead is focused on 3 waves as outlined in this Powerpoint Presentation.

Wave 1
Quality Measures
Common Data Transport
Newborn Screening
Consumer Preferences
Clinical Research
General Lab Orders
Medication Gaps

Wave 2
Clinical Encounter Notes
Common Device Connectivity
Long Term Care
Maternal and Child Health
Medical Home: Co-Morbidity & Registries
Order Sets

Wave 3
Consumer Adverse Event Reporting

HITSP is funded through the end of January and hopefully ONC will issue an RFP for additional standards harmonization work. I believe that ongoing HITSP activities are necessary to

- Ensure standards are harmonized to support clinical research

- Help triage requests for the commissioning of new standards which will be needed to support meaningful use

- Provide implementation guidance for standards required as part of certification

- Continue to serve as the convener for all the standards development organizations and profile enforcement organizations

On September 15, I'll post the latest HIT Standards Committee deliverables which incorporate all HITSP tiger team implementation guidance. I think you'll be impressed.


Chris Harding said...

Thanks for the update. Very helpful, John.
Is there anything we in the industry can do to help support the efforts of your HITSP team?
Chris Harding
CEO, Concordant

L Zawilski said...

Look forward to the publication on the 15th.

Tinkerr said...

Masschusetts to set up statewide electronic health information exchange