Thursday, August 27, 2009

A HITSP Town Hall

Today at 2pm, I'll be running a HITSP Town Hall public webinar about ARRA, health information exchange, and standards.

Here are a few resources I'll reference:

My Slides

The approved HIT Standards Committee Clinical Quality Standards Matrix

The approved HIT Standards Committee Clinical Operations Standards Matrix

The approved HIT Standards Committee Security and Privacy Matrix

The approved HIT Policy Committee Meaningful Use Matrix

The approved HIT Policy Committee HIE priorities which are:

Lab results delivery
Claims and eligibility checking
Quality & immunization reporting

Registry reporting and reporting to public health
Electronic ordering
Health summaries for continuity of care
Receive public health alerts
Home monitoring
Populate PHRs

Access comprehensive data from all available sources
Experience of care reporting
Medical device interoperability

All of these materials have been transmitted from the HIT Policy and Standards Committees to ONC where they are being used to write the regulations which will be issued by HHS on December 31, 2009.


Frank Bauer said...

Thanks for posting these slides...

I see the interoperability issue as analogous to the browser wars of the mid- to late 90s. The answer then was to create a common language that (at least in theory) all browsers were able to interpret. Is there a similar push in the health care IT field to create a medical HTML or some other type of common document structure for medical records that any EMR system could interpret?

Frank Bauer said...

Oops. Looks like this was answered yestereday.

Chris Brathe said...

Are the "HIT Policy Committee HIE priorities" related in any way to the meaningful use definitions?

The Meaningful Use Matrix states "Capability to exchange key clinical information (e.g., discharge summary, procedures, problem list, medication list, allergies, test results) among providers of care and patient authorized entities electronically."

The HIE priorities seem more comprehensive than the meaningful use definitions...just looking for clarity on what HHS is going to base their incentive payments on.