Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blog Spamming

As folks who visit my blog may have noticed, I have activated Word Verification for comments. This prevents automated systems from adding comments to my blog, since it takes a human being to read the word graphic and interpret it.

I also turned on Comment Moderation for comments older than 14 days.

A few weeks ago, blog spammers posted advertisements to every one of my 400+ blog entries. I've not found a way to bulk delete comments, so I've been reviewing every previous comment and deleting the spam.

With the new settings, I can bulk reject dozens of spammed comments that are posted to my blog each day.

It's a shame that spammers believe junk comments on blogs are an effective means of advertising. I apologize for the Word Verification and the Comment Moderation, but its the only way I can keep the blog maintained.

Let's hope that blog spammers find a better use of their time in the future!


Unknown said...

Unfortunately, blog comment protection/filtering/moderation is a necessary evil in this day and age. I had one blog that got 400-500 pieces of spam in a couple of hours, all for male enhancement products and fake Rolexes.

GreenLeaves said...

It would be nice if it were not needed, however, I will gladly accept it if it does remove annoying spam. Thanks for staying abreast of these developments.

Frank Bresz said...


Keep up the great work - alas this is the world in which we live. I too have a few blogs that I write and I was forced into comment moderation quite a while ago.

Furqan Nazeeri said...

You may want to check out Disqus which among other great features has built in spam filtering of comments (like spam filtering on email). It works really well (I use it for my blog and I don't get any machine comment spam.

Ahier said...

I have been watching out for you, John. ;-)
I love your blog, and spammers make conversation much more difficult!

Rich Kneece said...

It's definitely too bad.

We've gone as far as removing the ability to comment on our blog. This, because moderating takes so much time and some of the bots have figured out how to by-pass the word verifications.

Regardless, enjoy reading your blog so please keep up the good work!

emr and hipaa said...

I think your big mistake is that you chose to use Blogger instead of WordPress. You should move to WordPress and your spam days will be over (for the most part). There's some built in really easy tools to convert to WordPress not to mention a plethora of other reasons to convert.

However, since this post is about Spam, WordPress comes with a plugin called Akismet which pretty much takes care of spam so you don't need to moderate it. Every once in a while one or two spam comments will get through, but completely manageable.

Ok, enough of my WordPress preaching. Let's just say it's Better!!

Anonymous said...

I just want to know if u would know how to reomve spams from chat box...Anyway... I'm just a primary student in Singapore...