Sunday, December 14, 2008

Luminary Night

Tonight in Wellesley, we had a very spiritual experience.

1000 families donated to help the local food bank and as a sign of solidarity for the season we placed candles (safely in pools of water in paper bag luminaries) in our yards.

The photo above shows the view down my street.

It was a wonderful opportunity for families of all ages, religions, and backgrounds to come together, enjoy the light, and donate to a worthy cause.

My wife, daughter, and I wandered the neighborhood, reconnecting with folks who had retreated into their homes when the weather turned cold a month ago.

One house built a fire ring and offered smores, folks brewed hot chocolate and cider, and a horse drawn carriage filled with children circulated the neighborhoods.

Definitely a magical time. My daughter told me that these are the memories she'll remember as an adult. Not a Wii, not an iPod, but families coming together to share the spirit of the season.


jessica lipnack said...

Really lovely, John. A thousand families in Wellesley has got to be some significant percentage of the town's population. Beautiful. Thanks.

Bharath B. Reddy Bynagari said...

Thats awesome. I totally agree with you that these are the things the kids will remember in their life.