Thursday, June 5, 2008

Community Supported Agriculture

I've blogged about my vision of a Greener lifestyle including a Vegan diet, an ecofriendly home, and green data centers.

Part of my effort to do the right thing to protect my daughter's future is being a "locavore", eating food grown or harvested nearby using sustainable farming methods. Admittedly this is challenging in New England, which has 6 months of winter.

At Google's Mountain View headquarters, "Cafe 150" serves only food which is grown within 150 miles of Google. Since some of the most fertile growing areas in the country with year long growing seasons are nearby, it's possible to have sustainable, organic, local foods every day.

What do we do in New England? We can join a CSA such as Red Fire Farm.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.

The idea is that participants buy into the farm at the beginning of the growing season and receive a share of the harvest. Shares are distributed each week from June through October. With the funds contributed, the local farmer grows sustainable, organic produce without chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides. The CSA approach creates local jobs, collaboration between consumers and the farmer, and is an alternative to detrimental industrial food producers from distant regions.

One share provides all the vegetables needed for a family of 4 for a harvest season. As vegans, we buy two shares, since our diet consists entirely of vegetables, fruits and grains.

We've also planted our own extensive garden of beets, turnips, bok choy, beans, peas, squash, and lettuces in raised beds and pots using organic techniques.

Support your local CSA. Your health and the planet will thank you for it.

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Eliot Coleman has been growing stuff year-round in Maine for a long time. Admittedly he doesn't have okra in January, but using cold frames and row cover it's possible to have fresh salad greens year-round.

Keep it up.