Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cool Technology of the Week

In several of my previous posts have I described the increasing burden of triaging email

I've described the need to filter out Spam , block Industry related advertising , and prioritize the high volume of email we all receive.

New products are now being introduced to automate personal email management. The Wall Street Journal presented an overview of these recently.

Clear Context is an application that works with Outlook to automatically score email based on relevance - the sender (in your personal contacts or not?), the topic, and the history of your personal email response behavior. This seems to be the first product to implement my Top 10 Rules for Email Triage. As our email burden continues to grow and consume more than 50% of our work time, we will need intelligent agents like Clear Context to automate email management.

Another cool technology with seasonal relevance is ElfYourself . Give it a try and put yourself in the Holiday Spirit!

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